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Cadaqués and its atmosphere

Cadaqués and its atmosphereCadaqués is one of Spain most precios places. They have something that not many coast towns have in Spain or Catalonia: they do not have big hotels or buildings, and it has the look and feel of a town in which time does not pass. They accept and enjoy the visit of tourists but they won’t compromise the look of the town, which is traditional, classic, and full of culture and art.

Cadaqués is a small fishing town that enjoys tourism but doesn’t change because of it. That is its magic, the fact that you don’t feel as a tourist when you visit, you are just another citizen. Dare to enjoy the sights and the smell of the shore, the port, the fishermen and, of course, the delicious fish that you will find in their restaurants. You won’t find it freshier elsewhere!

Where is Cadaqués?


You will find Cadaqués in the Cap de Creus, at the very north east of Spain, in Catalonia, more precisely, province of Girona. Their proximity to the French border made a tradition of contraband. Josep Pla wrote about it in one of his most famous books: ‘Contraban”. In 2010, China decided to recreate Cadaqués in one of their islands. But you know there is nothing like the real thing.

You can fin cadaqués about 2 and half hours from Barcelona by car, and many people from the city have their second home for vacations, summer or holidays. Its official population is 2.612, but in the summer you will find these number multiplied by 10.

Check out the main sights in Cadaquès

The main sights in Cadaqués are the Salvador Dalí House-Museum, the church of Saint Mary (from the 17th century), the Hermitage of Sant Sebastià, and the natural park of Cap de Creus. Every Monday there is a travelling market in Cadaquès, near the town’s parking lot. They show many products, from food to clothing, so you can choose whatever you want or need. As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Cadaqués, involving nature and culture.

Salvador Dalí was, and actually, still is, the first one to promote Cadaqués as a vacation place. He visited it during his childhood, and kept going until his latter days. He bought a house in Port Lligat, next to the town. 1916 was a key year for him and his career.

Their own language, and it’s not Catalan

In Cadaqués they have their own language: most will think they can speak spanish or catalan, but they have their on variant of the Catalan language. Actually, they have more in common with the Balearic Catalan than with Barcelona’s Catalan. If you need to know the name of the variant, is Cadaquesenc.

The atmosphere in Cadaqués is full of culture, knowledge and artistry. Not just Dalí was a visitor, also Pablo Picasso, Antoni Pitxot, Richard Hamilton, Joan Miró visited the town. Also, Cadaqués is mentioned in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s book ‘Tramontana”.

If you’re into quietness, good fish, culture and nature, Cadaqués is the place to go. Enjoy the sights, relax yourself and melt into the town’s atmosphere. Dare to experience the sound of the sea.

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